Monday, 25 January 2016

Mum's 90th Birthday Bash

My darling mother is 90 today and she is in love with bling, if it shines, glistens or gleams, she's like a fascinated cat . . . she ooohs and aaahs  . . .  LOVES it! 

So, yesterday, the whole family had a get together meal in a local pub because those who worked wouldn't be able to make it today.

My youngest brother flew over from Cyprus (he moved over there about 12 years ago and has only been able to return for a visit one other time!

There were, five of us 'children', associated partners, three grandchildren, with partners and two great grandchildren.

So, in honour of Mum, today's card is the card I made for her . . . FULL of bling . . . it couldn't be blingier . . . is that even a word?

Unfortunately, I had made the card out of a full A4 sheet (in order to maximise the bling) and so, it ended up rather too large for my SSS tiny hearts stencil and unfortunately, you can see the join.  I tried to minimise this by randomly wiping off some of the tiny hearts before the Sparkle Medium had set, but I'm not sure it worked that well!  I also added some dots of gold Stickles in balder spots for filling.  But, Mum being Mum, didn't notice, because,

(a) all the bling blinded her to it's faults, and,

(b) it was made by one of her 'wonderful' children - anything we do is wonderful in her eyes - bless her (blinded by love) - she still proudly shows everything we 'children' make or do to any unsuspecting visitor to the house, including, postmen, tradesmen . . . even her chiropodist doesn't escape!

Anywho, this is her card.

 The balloon was the largest from my Simon Says Stamp 'Balloon Dies', the little hearts was a SSS 'Tiny Hearts Stencil' with Imagination Crafts, 'Gold Sparkle Medium, the 'Celebrate' die-cut was from a die that I had purchased pre-organisation, so I can't say who it is from I'm afraid and the gold foil 90 was some MFT number dies.

To finish, I want to share the poem I wrote for my Mum,

Mum, I thought I'd make your card, a bought one wouldn't do.
I need to tell you personally, just what I think of you.
You are the kindest, sweetest Mum, a person could have had.
You made me what I am today, for that I'm very glad.

You brought me up and nurtured me, and showed me how to care.
For all events throughout my life, always you were there.
When times were bad you taught me, I needed to be strong.
And when there was temptation, you taught me right from wrong.

The life-skills that you gave to me, were always very good.
You gave me what I needed, just like a Mother would.
But then you went beyond all that, and gave me even more.
You gave me love and friendship, you opened up life's door.

Then when I was an adult, you taught me how to fly.
You let me out and set me free, and then you had a cry.
You let  me go but wanted, to still hold on to me.
Then when I flew, you watched me, and smiled so happily.

Now today it is your Birthday, and I wanted you to know.
I love you now as always, I just had to tell you so.
So have a lovely Birthday, with happiness to own.
From a daughter who still needs you , even though she's grown.

Thank you all for indulging me today.  Have a wonderful week!  Hazel xx


  1. Oh Hazel, what a sweet poem you wrote for your mom!! It brought tears to my eyes!! She will adore it!! Happy, happy birthday to her!! I hope she has a fabulous 90th birthday celebration!! The card is stunning!! I love all of the bling!! You can't tell where you joined the stencil at all!! It looks amazing!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Hazel I think your poem is wonderful. I wonder if your Mum cried it certainly did bring tears to my eyes. Your Mum does sound like a very special person and I'm sure she had a wonderful time with her lovely family yesterday. Very Happy Birthday to your Mum today.

    As for your card it is absolutely beautiful. What lovely little glittery pieces in your shaker balloon. Well I looked very hard and can assure you I CANNOT see a join. I'm sure your Mum loved it and your lovely work will be appreciated by all her visitors too. Hugs, Barbxx

  3. your poem is beautiful, your card is beautiful - love all it's blinginess!!

  4. Hazel, you are so so sweet! Making her a card you knew she'd love (it's fabulous, I love the bling!) and then writing a poem for her too. You are lovely. I'm so glad you had a fabulous day - sounds very much like you did. Xx

  5. So FABULOUS!! Good for your mom being 90 too - amazing milestone!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mum! Your poem is wonderful - didn't know you were also a poet! She must have loved your gorgeous, glittery card! How fortunate that she was able to celebrate with her whole family!

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your awesome Mum, Hazel! Your card is big and beautiful and your poem is so heartfelt and touching. I can't think of a better way to honor a special lady on her 90th birthday. God bless both of you!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet mum ! Oh my gosh congrats to her and you for such a wonderful poem! Well done ! I love your big beautiful shaker card and I am sure she will too! Your mum did good look at you!

  9. I'm speechless, my friend - what a wonderful poem to write for your mom - I bet she was so touched by your wonderful words, she had tears running down her cheeks!!!! What a special gift to her!!! And your card is fabulous with all the bling and the lovely balloon!!!! Am I suppose to be able to see the join of the stencil??? - sorry, but I can't, my friend!!! - your card is perfect and you're the only one knowing about the join!!! Your mom has got good reason to be proud of you and showing people what you've made!!! Your card is really beautiful!!!! You guys must have had such a wonderful time!!!!
    Have a great Wednesday, Hazel!!!!

  10. Wow ... what a lovely post Hazel. Thanks for sharing about your wonderful mum. Your bling-y card is beautiful and made with love. And thank you for sharing your poem, I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes --- so special and from the heart. I bet you mum was very happy. xx

  11. Oh my Hazel, I'm wiping my tears away as I was so touched by this post! I love that you mom loves bling and I think your card is simple gorgeous. I really can't see where you "joined" your hearts, it all looks good to me. I love that big balloon, have been wanting these for a while so on my wish list they remain. Perfect that you made this into a shaker card, just a little more bling for dear mum! Your poem made the tears come even faster, as I think about my son's and letting them fly. Such a beautiful tribute to your loving mum on her birthday!!! You are such a good daughter my friend. Hugs, Brenda

  12. Oh my goodness! What a lovely card for your Mum's 90th! Gotta love that bling! Your Poem is lovely as well!

  13. Oh my Hazel! what a fabulous card for your lovely mother!!! and a poem too...well your talents astound me!! I bet your mother had a tear or two when she saw it, no wonder she is so proud of you all and all your 'makes'. 90 is such a special birthday isn't it......I remember celebrating my dear mother's 90th too...many years ago now! Well done again my lovely talented friend ;) Viv xx

  14. Boo hoo. You made me cry with your poem. You need to make that into a stamp! What a fantastic tribute to your sweet mum. And, your blingy card--gold bling and gold heart--well, obviously it is perfect in every way. Please send my best birthday wishes from San Diego to your mum.

  15. Not only is this a beautiful & perfect card for this special occasion, but that is the most wonderful tribute to your Sweet Mom. I looked real hard, and I'm NOT seeing a 'join'..must be your eyes, girl! Love that you did the tiny gold hearts on the outer portion, but also did the balloon cutout with all the gorgeous glitter gold bling. I know that your Mom had the very best birthday ever, and what cherished memories you will have! Just super Hazel...card & poem. TFS & Big hugs.

  16. Oh what a wonderful poem you wrote--bet your mom cried & I know she treasures it & your gorgeous card, Hazel! I can't see any problem with it--just stunning!

  17. Your Mum sounds delightful, Hazel! What a beautiful card and poem! I'm sure she treasures it! (I don't see any seams or anything that doesn't look perfect!)

  18. All that gold and glitter - truly festive!! And what an amazing tribute!


Thank you so very much for your comments you lovely people, they really make my day! Hazel x