Friday, 19 February 2016


No, sillies, not putting up shelves . . . moi?  No, this is about my day of making my own supplies!

The first thing I want to show you is my home made Gelli plate.  I have been watching You Tube videos - and there is a ton of them out there - showing you how to make your own Gelli plate!  Now, here in the UK the smallest one (6"x 6") is around £20 (approx $30) and the largest (8"x 10") is around £30 (approx $43), mine is approximately, 9"x 6.5" . . . so, a medium one, which cost me £3 . . . yes, £3.  It's a no brainer, you just need, gelatine, glycerine and water.

Now, in my experiment, I discovered a couple of things:

That I should have made sure my container was perfectly flat - mine was one of those plastic boxes, with a lid, you know the sort, they come in various sizes, that I think we all have, for storing, card, peel-offs, and all manner of crafty things - and although I didn't really pay much attention until I used the Gelli plate, mine had a dome in the middle where it was manufactured - hard to explain, suffice to say, I'm going to have to rethink the mould.

That I should only use the smooth side.  I saw the froth that had set on the top and thought it would make a cool texture . . . it doesn't . . . the paint just gets caught in all those tiny, set bubbles and makes a awful mess that won't come off.  Luckily, they say that if something happens to it, you can just melt it down in the microwave and reset it! 

The other thing that I made was a gold shimmer spray, that actually works!  In the past I have tried to make these sprays with, Perfect Pearls, Pearlex, Iridescent Acrylic paint and other various, shimmery things, but they all clogged the spray bottles!  I mean, I would only use them once and then they would just clog and no matter what I did, they would never unclog, even after taking them apart!  To be fair, I only ever bought the cheap spray bottles (trying to keep costs down), so that could have been the main reason.

This time, I thought I would actually buy the sprays that were made to do this very job, so I bought a three pack of Ranger Mini Misters.  The paint I used this time was made by Imagination Crafts (the same people who make the Sparkle Gel I am in love with)  the paint is called Starlights and let me tell you, when I use them I literally drool . . . they sparkle and shimmer like nothing else I have ever seen.  Apparently it is down to the real  metal flakes that they  use.  Anywho, I put a very small amount in a Mini Mister, topped it up with water and shook well.  I have now nearly used up a whole bottle (they don't hold very much) and they are still spraying well and the shimmer on these backgrounds is unbelievable in real life . . . as is always the case, a photograph just cannot capture the amazing beauty of these paints/sprays!

Well, thanks for sticking with me this long (if you are still here) and I will bore you no longer and show you the backgrounds I made with my new DIY supplies!

The mixture in the mould

The turned out Gelli plate

The Gelli plate inked up
My first batch of backgrounds made with the Gelli plate and generously spritzed with my Starlight spritzers

 A close-up of one of the BG's
 Thank you so much for popping by today!  Have a lovely day!  Hazel xx


  1. Well done on making your own Gelli plate, my OH makes a lot of his own art stuff too.Hmm liking the look of the spritzers here I don't go in search lol ;) Viv xx

  2. i have always used the mini misters with perfect pearls and never had a problem with clogging - will have to remember to buy some of that starlight sparkle stuff when i visit england again. you should enter one of your sparkle cards at A Blog Named Hero this month as the challenge is "sparkle".

  3. It looks as if you've now had gret success with your gelli plate Hazel. I love mine although I don't use it nearly enough. I do a batch then use them before getting it out again because it is a messy process.

    I saw the starlight paints on Hochanda the other day and wouldn't have thought of using them. The colours look beautiful and are on my list when I go to the NEC next month. I have found the same as you, clogging with the spray bottles. I have got the little mister bottles and they are certainly worth the investment but I also use the empty bottles that come stamp cleaner in and they seem to work well. Barbxx

  4. Hi Hazel. I'm all for economising... That's why I recycle packaging so often! Using it rather than hoarding it's another matter of course... Oh well :)
    Fantastic makes, my friend. .. and thanks for the tips. X

  5. You are so inventive! I saw a tutorial in a craft magazine showing how to make a gelli plate, but I must be really stupid because I don't actually know what it's for..... forgive me! It looks like fun though - could it be done with children?? Am always looking for great craft projects! xx

  6. You are so creative!! I love your homemade gelli plate!! And the shimmer spray!! The backgrounds you've created are amazing!! I've wanted a gelli plate but didn't want to pay the price...I may have to try making one like you did!! Thanks for the inspiration my friend!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. WTG making your own supplies! Your backgrounds turned out wonderful!

  8. Waauw Hazel, making your own gelli plate and glimmer mist. Well done. Your BG's look awesome. Can't wait to see a finished card with them.
    Hugs, Veerle x

  9. Awesome!! Congrats on making your own gelli plate! They are a bit cheaper here, and I'm lazy, so I bought mine. :) But it is so cool that you can make your own. And great job with the first pulls off the plate ... gorgeous colours and love the gold spray. xx

  10. Look at you Hazel, making your own gelli plate and shimmer sprays! I never got into the gelli plate, but a lot of others have and make such beautiful background papers. Yours are very beautiful Hazel, and I love the gorgeous colors and shimmer of the spray. Hugs, Brenda

  11. You are amazing Miss what you have made.

  12. Your post got me sooo excited! A gelli plate has been on my wish list forever. I had no idea you could make your own! I went on googling it after I read your post and found some videos, recipes, etc. I think the trick is to find a good, flat mould. Also how to store it afterwards so it doesn't get dusty, moldy, or imprints from foil or so. Love the backgrounds you made and that sparkle spray looks magical! I have the same problem with clogging after the first use. So frustrating!

  13. Oh, my Hazel, I have learned something from you today!!!! I think I've heard of a Gelli plate only once or twice before and haven't really got a clue what it is, but the bgs you created is simply stunning - must be so beautiful IRL with the shimmer!!!! No way I will be able to find anything of the sort over here, so I will also have to make my own!!!! Do you need a new Gelli plate when you want to work with another colour or can you wash it and use it again??? This is a totally new thing to me and I found your post very informative and made me curious to find out more!!!! Thanks for sharing this, my friend!!!!
    Have a great Sunday!!!!


Thank you so very much for your comments you lovely people, they really make my day! Hazel x