Sunday, 3 April 2016


Why 1-2-3?  Well, it is, 1 'playday', 2 cards and 3 'unusual embellishments'.  Want to know more?  read on and I will tell you.

As it is raining again in my part of the globe, I thought I would just have a 'play-day' in my little attic space, I laughingly refer to as my 'craft room'.

The first thing I played with was a Stampin Up 'Bountiful Border' set that I hadn't got round to inking up yet and decided to use.  I did all my stamping and then decided that the white against the self patterned card base (that I had stamped a small image over) needed some sort of demarcation so I drew a purple line around three of the edges with a glitter marker - guess why there are sequins on it - no, no takers?  It's because . . . yes, you guessed it at the back . . . I smudged it!!

Never mind, here is that card.

On to card number two and the three unusual embellishments and another stamp set as yet unused, Simon Says Stamp 'Flowers On My Mind'.

I stamped an 'arrangement', but, I'm ashamed to say, couldn't be bothered with masking (it is a play-day remember) so I wasn't happy with the 'arrangement', but I didn't want to throw it away and so I carried on.

Now, this is where the three 'unusual' embellishments came in.  You know those 'smelly balls' you get as 'in wash scent boosters' . . . Lenor Unstoppables.  I thought, 'I wonder if I could use those in place of enamel dots and make the cards smell nice', well, . . . you can, and, . . . they do, so I adhered three to my card, and it smells all flowery!!  Result!  Here is said card.

Like I said, I wasn't really happy about the 'arrangement' and I wasn't going to post it, but I was so excited about the 'smelly balls' . . . what unusual items have you used on your cards? 

** Edit **

For those of you who have never heard of these "smelly balls"  (First, I'd like to share what my dear blog friend Mary of Carolina Cards hilariously referred to them as, 'smelly embellies' ) they are made by Lenor and are called 'Unstoppables' and are made to "make your washing smell lovely for twelve days"  they are technically half-balls as they are flat on the bottom!  Now, there are a number of things to point out here:

Number 1. They do nothing for my laundry, it smells better with ordinary fabric softener.

Number 2. Who has laundry that doesn't need washing for twelve days? 

Number 3. They are around £4/$5.50 USD  for 375 gms (which equates to 1000's)

Number 4. Someone said that they must be a UK thing, but another dear blogging friend, Brenda Lawrence of Friends Craftin' with Friends told me that she had got a sample packet through the door the other day . . . besides, it's rare for us in the UK to have something that the USA doesn't, so I'm fairly sure you must be able to either get them, or already have a very similar thing!

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.  Happy crafting! 


  1. Both cards are very pretty! I think that the purple base with the flowers looks so nice with the main panel.
    I am not familiar with the "smelly" product, but why not? TFS!

  2. Two more cards that wow me my friend! I love the purple one and I'm kinda glad you smudged it because the sequins look great on it! I love the background you made for this card. And I love the line you put around the three sides, it really makes the card pop. OMGosh, I love the idea of using those smelling things you use in the laundry!!! You clever girl you!! I love this card too and you did a great job with your arrangement without masking. But what I love the most was the discovery that you can use the smelling things on the card. lol I just got a sample of them in the mail the other day and I really didn't want to use them in my laundry so I guess you know what I'm going to do don't you?!!! lol Hugs, Brenda

  3. Oh I'm liking both of these, you clever crafter! Loved your idea of inking the 'mat', very effective, and saves on layering too, as well as being very pretty. Also inspired 'bead idea'. We use those little smelly beads in our laundry (love 'em & keeps the dispenser tray much cleaner!). the ones I have are turquoise, but never thought of them as smelly embellies! Amazing idea, and the card is lovely too! Glad you had fun in the rain. Hugs & TFS

  4. A really interesting post Hazel and two very pretty cards. I'm very impressed with the little smelly balls you used. I've never come across those. It's probably not surprising as hubby does the shopping as one of his jobs. Glad you enjoyed your playtime. Barbxx

  5. Both of your cards are so gorgeous!! I love the two-tone sentiment on the first!! The flowers are so beautiful on the second!! I love that you used the "smelly balls"!! What a fun touch!! I've never seen those before but now I want some for my cards!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Loved reading your post Hazel and I love your cards especially the first one, that's my favourite. Hugs Veerle x

  7. Hooray for play days, Hazel :)
    You are a clever bunny, aren't you? Wonder what your next good idea will be?
    Thanks for sharing your ideas. Lovely cards as always :)

  8. Sequins are my smudge saviours too!! They are brilliant and we would never have known if you had t told us. As for your second card, well aren't you the genius? Who would have thought of using such a thing on a card. Clever you - you'll be starting a trend... Xxx

  9. Ha! I guess my piece of tissue box can't quite compete with your "smelly balls" in terms of unusual items on a card! You win!
    Your cards are fabulous, both of them! Too bad I can't smell the second one... ;)

    1. Now you've got me looking at every little thing as a possible embellishment for my cards. Nothing will be safe anymore - even if it's smelly! he he Wonderful cards today. Love the tone on tone background of your first Sometimes those boo-boos (like smudges) force us to make an even prettier card. Love when that happens.

  10. I think these cards are wonderful, including the 'arrangement' but it's the smelly balls that really brought a smile to my face today!

  11. Two beautiful cards Hazel. LOVE the tilted panel on your first card. Such a pretty flower sprig. And the sequins are perfectly placed ... so your smudge was in just the right spot! :)

    And I LOVE the idea of adding some fragrance to a card. So cool. I have no idea what smelly balls are ... but they look good. :) Must be a UK thing ... thank goodness. :) xx

  12. Haha Smelly balls ,very unusual and interesting too ! Both the cards looks very neat n Elegant ! yay for the sequins..card savers :)

  13. Gorgeous cards Hazel, especially the first one I love the colours and the angled panel :)
    Hugs, Kaz x

  14. Both are pretty cards! I know what you mean by smudging a card. I did it just last week and ended up putting an extra heart on my card.
    I never heard of your "smelly balls" but great idea to put on a card!

  15. Love both cards. They are so very pretty. And, I think sequins must have been invented by stampers who smudged their cards all the time (my hand is raised here). Nice save.

  16. Your sequin hides the smudged bit so perfectly no one would tell that you smudged it, Hazel!!!! (thank goodness for all sorts of embellies to hide things like smudges, hey!!!) I really like the cute little flowers and leaves and the purple is beautiful!!! The flowers on the second card is really pretty and I love the colours you have worked with!!! And smelly balls on your card ...sounds like a wonderful idea to me!!! (but what's the chances that I will get them over here!!!!) Two really great cards, my friend!!!
    Hope your weather is OK and that you have a great afternoon!!!!

  17. Well, despite you not being happy with the arrangement . .. I rather like that card. I like BOTH cards actually. And WOW £4 for 1000s of scented embellishments . . . that's gotta be a bargain. Thanks for the top tip!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  18. LOL, I'm still giggling over those smelly embellies! What a novel idea and I think your flower arrangement is lovely! Love that layout and the sweet purple flowers of your first card! Great idea to ink the edges of the white. It really makes it pop and the sequins are so pretty! Don't tell that they're hiding something. Ssh!

  19. Two fab cards here Hazel, and how clever to use the 'smelly balls' too, you come up with some super ideas! ;) Viv xx


Thank you so very much for your comments you lovely people, they really make my day! Hazel x