Sunday, 17 April 2016


Play-day?  What's all that about, I hear you say - well, in my head anyway!  I'll tell you sweet friends!  First, I want to say, I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!  I have decided that Sunday's are going to be my 'play-day' from now on, I have had such a ball today *warning, this post will be long and picture laden!

First up, I want to share the experiments I have been doing with the 'Melt It' powder.  Those of you who follow my blog will already know that I have been making my own 'dew drops' and tried to colour them using Brusho powder.  Now, I had a modicum of success, but, it took so long to mix with the 'Melt It', that I tried some other methods of colouring it.

First up, I thought that mixing the Brusho powder in with the 'Melt It' powder dry would be better than sprinkling into the melted 'Melt It' like I did before . . . I was wrong, it didn't mix very well at all.  This is what I ended up with.

As you can see, the powder mostly stayed as powder, you can see the specks.

Next up, I thought I'd try 'Tinsel Gold' embossing powder, which is a glittery gold EP.  This too was a fail, the gold EP just burned.  This is what that looks like.

Bit of a mess, but never mind, I'll save them for a shabby chic or grunge project.  

Next up, was Bermuda Bay re-inker, which I dripped into the melted 'Melt It' . . . well, what a mess!!  Don't try this at home, when they were set, I picked them up and I ended up with a beautiful shade of blue . . . . HANDS!!  This is the results.

The final experiment with the dew drops (by now I was fed up with it) I mixed in some, lilac opaque EP that I have had forever, I don't usually use coloured EP now, preferring instead to ink my stamp with Versamark, then ink it in the colour of my choice and then stamp (the Versamark helps to keep the ink sticky) then emboss with clear EP.  This experiment was a little more successful, but I do not intend going out and buying a load of coloured EP's just for dew drops.  I intend to just make clear ones from now and, as they will lend themselves to any colour anyway!  Here are those.

As you can see, they turned out OK.  I also have the 'dripping speed' down pat now and get nearly, all perfectly round ones!  The trick is to just keep moving your hand as you drip, I had hardly any misshapen ones, to re-melt!

The next thing I 'toyed' with was my 'Hand Lettering' and another card made with the small stamps (not such good stamping this time, but hey ho) .  This is that card.

The final thing that I made was this card, that I had hand lettered, 'hello friend' on, and made the card up around it.  I need so much more practice!  My problem is, I doodle words on scraps of trash paper, and like the look of it, try to replicate it on a card, and make a hash of it . . . being too careful, I think, makes for a shaky look!  Anywho, here is that card!

So, what have you all been up to today?  I really enjoyed myself, and now I have a load of catching up to do on my commenting run!!  I hope your week is wonderful! xx


  1. Hi Hazel, well your writing on the card looks fine. I wouldn't even try, my handwriting isn't good. I really like your card. The colours are lovely and the diecuts look super.

    I enjoyed reading about your dewdrops. I think the gold ones look really good and you'll certainly be able to use lots of the others too. I've not heard of melt it. Must google that.

    I had the morning crafting then watched two footie matches. My perfect Sunday. I call Monday Playday as I go to the village craft club in the morning and to a cross stitch circle, just up the road in the afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your day. Barbxx

  2. Ha ha..had fun in reading n seeing your play day experiments !! Now you have a variety of drops to embellish your cards :) both the cards look neat with your handwriting .Happens with me always the words look good on scrap paper n the moment you write on cards ...:(

  3. All those dew drops look great Hazel, I really like the first speckly ones where you said it didnt melt properly. Love both of your cards too, the writing looks fine to me and I especially love the design of the second card with the bold panels and lovely diecuts :)
    I have spent the entire weekend sorting my craft room out, finally got there and hoping that now I can just go in and craft I may get some of my mojo back lol
    Hugs, Kaz x

  4. Looks like you have been having a blast! Love your finished projects, especially that funky angled striped background!

  5. I'm loving your hand lettering, it's something I keep saying I'm going to try, not sure how I'll get on as my handwriting is pretty poor! Two great cards, love the bold stripes on the second card. I've not managed any playtime today, but tomorrow I'm going to have a cardmaking playday with my friend Susan. Karen x

  6. Wow, you have been super busy with all your experiments with the melt it and dew drops. I'm impressed. I also love that you're keeping going with your hand lettering. I understand entirely what you mean - you practice and then you try it out 'for real' and then it doesn't look right! I think you're really doing well - the Hello Friend look just great! Keep playing - it's all fun! xx

  7. Enjoyed this post tremendously. I'm wondering if the Melt It product is one by Ranger...where you use the hot wax pot to melt..sort of like the Ultra Thick (UTEE) stuff? I've never tried this, and your experiments look fun. If this is the same product I'm thinking of, there are liquid colors you can mix in, and what about a drop of alchohol ink? But that might work same as the reinkers. I liked the final result you ended with though...Good for you on the play day. I love your finished card, with the angled & bold colored strip design. The leaf bouquet looks grand with this, and I like the cut away design. You're being way too hard on yourself with the calligraphy. I know you may not be achieving the result you meant (yes, I do know that shaky hand syndrome when you're being careful!), but your results really do look very pretty. The recipient won't know what you 'meant it' to look like, and I'm sure they'll think just as I did: How clever & how pretty! Good for you. Wish I were there to enjoy a play day with you. Hugs & TFS

  8. Thanks so much for the details on making your dew drops. I won't be making them any time soon, but I'll keep your process in my brain's tiny file cabinet to (hopefully) pull out at a later date for some crafty fun. I love your cards today. Kudos to you for being brave enough to put your handwriting on a card. Not sure I'd have the courage, although you're a great inspiration to give it a go. Maybe I'll give it a try one day.

  9. I so enjoyed reading about the dew drops/melt it drops and all the experimenting you've done. Thank you for sharing the results. I think your hand writing is coming along so well but know what you mean about practicing on scrap is Ok but then when you transfer it to the real thing it can go a little bit wobbly. I am inspired to give it a go though, thanks to you x Such a colourful and contemporary card you made today x

  10. I have read every word, my lovely friend... and I marvel at your creativity.
    Lucky you having play days every week...
    Love your cards... and love hearing about your latest 'experiments' :)

  11. Wow Hazel, you really did try everything on trying to color your homemade dew drops! You call them fails, but I think all of them look so pretty except the ones with the reinker, no one wants blue hands. lol But really in all seriousness, I love the way they all came out Hazel. Now on to your beautiful cards! Do you realize that if your writing was a font, everyone would want to grab it up?!! Your writing adds so much interest to both of these cards and I am totally love it! I will agree with you, because of experience myself, that when you practice on trash paper and then try so hard to make it perfect again, it just doesn't happen that way. lol Why is that? Why is it when you are using garbage to practice on it turns out perfect, but then on the real deal it isn't to your liking?! Never fails though. lol But seriously, I am love the look of your writing. And I am loving both of these cards! The stamping on the first one is beautiful, I love the way you stamped around your sentiment too. The second card, well I just love the colors and I love your writing! The design of the card is fabulous as well and I love those leaves. Hugs, Brenda

  12. How did I miss this post??!! How fun you make your own dew drops!! I think they all look amazing!! I love the various colors!! Both of your cards are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the hand lettering on the first and the pretty flowers!! The design of the second is fabulous!! Love them both my friend!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. Oh, my, Hazel ...numerous times I had done writing on scrap paper to practice for the final project and then I couldn't redo it as beautiful as I did it on the scrap!!!! I totally agree that it's a case of one being to careful doing the final project and then not having a relaxed hand to write smoothly!!! But I think your cards look fabulous and your writing is beautiful!!! I really like the one with the bright colours and that stunning die cut leaves you've got there!!! The dry embossing is lovely, too!!! And your little flowers on the first card are so pretty and I love the orange on the left side!!!!
    I think your dew drops are all pretty and I'm sure all of them will find a spot on one of your lovely cards!!! You have really experimented a lot, but I think I would also have gone for clear ones in the end!!!!

  14. What a lot of experimenting, Hazel! Thanks for sharing it all! Another pretty flower garden and I love he bright stripes and hand lettered sentiment of the second!

  15. I love the vivid colors you have used on this card! The layout is spectacular! I have not tried making drops but i just buy clear bling and use my alcohol markers to color them. If you have the markers it is worth a try!

    1. I forgot to mention how nice your hand lettering is!


Thank you so very much for your comments you lovely people, they really make my day! Hazel x