Friday, 5 August 2016

Crafting With My New Found Friends!

Hi fellow crafters!  I hope the start to the weekend finds you all well and happy.

Today, I have a card that I made up with a panel that I stamped at my Wednesday evening crafting group, with my new found friends.  

The first week that I went, Linda was kind enough to pick me up and take me there.  This week, when she offered again, I said I would be brave and make my own way there, I don't like taking advantage of other people's kindness - I say brave, because I have a blindness where directions are concerned - I'm the person, who, doesn't lose her car in a car park, she . . . loses the car park itself (yes my friends, I have done that!)

Anyway, despite the very helpful (and may I say, patient lady on Google Maps), I got hopelessly lost!  Three times, I think, but I lost count!  Despite my stupidity, the Google Maps lady - I am now on first name terms with her, she tells me she's called Gloria - kept calmly re-calculating my route and got me there in the end!

The evening was a giggle, the ladies warm and welcoming again and Moya (the hostess) was as gracious and lovely as the first time.  Despite my shyness with groups of new people, I am gradually coming out of my shell and hopefully, my shyness won't be interpreted as 'standoffishness', but I don't think so because they are all so lovely and very sweet!

Anywho, I wasn't overjoyed by my stamped panel, because, I'm not good at flower arranging (real or virtual), but I think I redeemed it a bit by 'gussying' it up with some foil accents.  See what you think.  If anyone has any tips on flower arrangements, I'd be so happy if you shared them in the comments.

Here are the pictures.

For those of you who like to know the process.  Here goes.

First, I took a plain white panel - I usually cut some in advance, usually the same size as a standard card, that way, I can either have them full on a card base or cut them down to the size I want.

Next, I used my stamp positioner and stamped the sentiment, as I wanted the flowers around the sentiment.  Then I stamped the flowers and leaves.  I brought the panel home and today, I cut two strips off the sides and cut around the flowers on the left hand side as I wanted some to hang over the edge.

Then, I adhered two strips of black and white patterned paper down the sides and mounted the front panel to the card base with craft foam.

I 'gussied' it up with some WOS, some gold foil (using my Quickie glue pen) and some matching sequins.  That's it my friends.  Have a truly lovely weekend.

Thank you so much for your visit today and especially if you have left a comment.  You are all appreciated more than you know!


  1. Oh Hazel, you total cracker! I get lost even finding my way to the front door at times - if there's a left then I go right! But so glad you got there in the end and of course they would be a lovely bunch - they're crafters after all. LOVE your beautiful card, so 'in vogue' right now and you really cracked it!


    Di xx

  2. I'm so glad you were able to find your way to your destination with Gloria's help :) Crafting with friends sounds so fun!! Your card is stunning!! You positioned the flowers perfectly!! They colors are so beautiful!! Love this my sweet friend!! It's so gorgeous!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. This is very pretty Hazel and I love the black and white paper down each side and the pretty added foiling to the centres and around the flowers. The sentiment is beautifully placed and I love the sequins to finish. The only thing I know about flower arrangement is that odd numbers are better then even and your stamp has three so perfect! x

  4. lovely card Hazel - I have the same driving affliction - my only criteria when I'm buying a car is that it has a good compass so I know which direction I'm traveling.

  5. You certainly don't need advice on flower arranging, your card is gorgeous. Love the strips down the sides too. Yep my sense of direction is awful and I have been know to walk back down the street I just came from...Glad you are on first name terms with Gloria...made me chuckle x

  6. 5your finished card is gorgeous and it was fantastic seeing you create the panel dear friend. I'm so glad you feel comfortable with us. Thank you also for your great tips and tools you showed us on Wednesday too x

  7. Hazel this could not be any more beautiful than it already is! Wow the blooms are perfect and the strips of black finish it completely . I think it's great that you push yourself to drive yourself ,but it's ok to let friends help out too. Put me in a big hospital and I get lost every time,my husband doesn't understand it:)

  8. So fun you have a new craft group! Your card is lovely too. I am like you, placement of flowers stump me every time. Therefore, I have no idea on a tip, however, I think you did awesome!

  9. Wow ..those B&W strips of pattern paper give such a sleek look to the card !I loved the flower arrangement ..your own style ;)!

  10. This is glorious Hazel, just love the pretty flowers and colours you chose too.Glad you enjoyed your crafty session with new friends.I often 'lose' our car in car parks, gives my OH a giggle, he often has to get out and wave at me lol. I can drive but I don't as it terrifies me....when my OH started teaching me advanced driving that just finished me off!Enjoy your weekend my lovely friend, mine will be hectic with our party lol ;) hugs Viv xx

  11. the blooms!

  12. I'm glad you got there in the end Hazel. They sound like a nice group to be crafting with. Your card is a beauty. The colours are so pretty and what beautiful flowers. The foiling looks lovely. Barbxx

  13. We must be long lost sisters Hazel, because I have no sense of direction at all! I think I got a teeny tiny bit better as Dwayne would make me be in charge of the map when we went away, but using a map and having a sense of direction is two different things! Dwayne could just drive somewhere and know exactly where he was going in an area he didn't know. Wish I was like that! lol Now when I park my car, I do know where I've parked it most of the time. Notice I said MOST. lol I'm glad you are enjoying your new friends. I truly can't imagine anyone thinking you standoffish Hazel, you are such a sweetheart! But I know what you mean, I have been told by other men that I am stuck up and I am not! Dwayne's friends would wave to me when I was out driving but I wouldn't see them. What can I say, I was a woman on a mission and I don't take notice to people I know on the road! lol I still get teased about being stuck up, but I can be shy too. Depends on the group of people I'm in. Some people make me feel welcome and so it is easy to be talkative with them, other's do not so then I'm standoffish and shy. Oh well....Love your card my friend! I have no clue on flower arranging, the real kind or the stamped kind. You have seen an effort made by me to make an arrangement. Yep, not so good. lol But I think you did a great job with yours. I love the foliage and the foil. I also love the way you cut around the flowers on the side and left them hang over. And I really love how you placed your sentiment!! Hugs, Brenda

  14. This is so pretty, Hazel :)
    I, too, know the shame of having no sense of direction - at all!!!
    Have a good evening. X

  15. Your stamped panel looked fantastic to me when you did it at our crafting group, it's really lovely to have you be one of us. Your 'gussying up' worked really well and the finished card is a triumph. I particularly like the fussy cutting of one side of the flowers as I'm a bit of a 'don't like standard shapes and sizes' kinda girl myself ha ha !

    Although we won't be at Moya's for a while, I hope it won't be too long til we meet again.


  16. Fab looking card. Very pretty indeed and I love how the flowers have been cut and arranged. The ONLY thing I know about flower arranging is to use odd numbers because our brains find that aesthetically pleasing. I go along with this in my card making too!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  17. To my eye, Hazel, you don't need any help at all! IT's gorgeous, I LOve the addition of the black/white striped paper, too! Now, where can I find that Quickie pen ....

  18. I know what you mean about the inability to find your way to any given place. I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag! I think your card is perfect, just as it is. I'd display your flower arrangements in my home any day!!

  19. Good on your for joining a new group, I'm very shy myself so I know how hard that would be. I haven't lost a carpark (yet) but I have come out of the supermarket and not been able to remember if I drove or not....scary!! I love your card and don't think there is anything wrong with the flower placement. I struggle with this too and find looking at cards on Pinterest a lot of help. You should be very proud of yourself on all counts!!


Thank you so very much for your comments you lovely people, they really make my day! Hazel x