Sunday, 12 February 2017

Disaster Struck! ;)

. . . not once, but many, many times my friends!  Now, I might have mentioned before that I am challenged when it comes to making three dimensional objects, and therefore, won't attempt them!  However, I have been loving those sweet paper purses/handbags that are all over You Tube at the moment, so, in my infinite wisdom I decided to give it a go.

Don't laugh!  This is how it turned out!  I'm actually laughing at myself as I type here.

Well, I looked at it and looked at it some more, thinking, 'it looks ever so odd, why does it look so odd?' . . . DUH!  Then, of course the penny dropped and I rectified it and this is how it finished up.  If you have time, stay tuned after the pictures to hear about the rest of the disasters!!

Oh, yes, and I put a bottle of Tombow beside it in the last pic for scale!

Now, on to the rest of the disasters!  Now, being an obvious glutton for punishment, I thought, 'well, it's sweet, but I really wanted to put a card set in it, complete with envelopes, a nice pen and some postage stamps as a gift, so I think I will make a bigger one!

I was quite pleased with myself, as I managed to convert the sizes for a much larger bag!  Then, I got to the closure!  As the bag was so much larger, my tiny magnet closure I used for the small bag, wasn't really up to the job for the larger bag, so I decided I need two sets of the magnets.

First mistake with the closure, was adhering the back down first with red line tape, I was now committed - I know, what you're thinking, 'she should be' -  so I fiddled and feneagled until I got it into place and tried to adhere them!  First, I tried Jennifer McGuire's favourite glue for these types of jobs Ranger Multi Medium Matt, useless (sorry Jennifer, but it was), then I tried Glossy Accents, useless, next I tried Tombow, useless, then I tried, a hot glue gun, useless, finally, in desperation,  I tried 'No More Nails' . . . yes, the DIY stuff made for jobs around the house . . . so far, so good, but I have to wait a full twenty four hours for full curing, so I'm not counting my chickens just yet!

Oh, yes, one other thing that I forgot to mention, is at one point I tried to stick the magnets down back to front, which meant, yes you know it . . . they repelled each other!  Good job that the glue didn't work that time, otherwise, it would never have closed!!  So, I will have to wait and see what happens after the 'No More Nails' has had a job to settle!

In the meantime, I have got some 'Billy' bookcases coming tomorrow from our nearest Ikea store 200 miles away, so my craft space will be out of action while we assemble the bookcases and get them up!  If I ever get that large purse/handbag finished I will post it here for you to see!

As always, thank you so much for your visit today and especially if you have left a comment.  You are all appreciated more than you know! If you have a question, please be sure I have a way to contact you so I can answer, as a lot of you are 'no-reply' bloggers, so I am unable to reply via e-mail.


  1. Oh Hazel this post really did give me a laugh. First I looked and looked at the first picture and although I knew something was wrong I just couldn't see what because the bag really is so pretty. Then the penny dropped - the handles hehehe! Did the No Nails work? I really enjoyed this post. I love your pretty bag and good luck with the new shelving. Hugs. Barbxx

  2. What a pretty bag Hazel and I have had the same thought about making the bag and putting some cards inside but haven't been brave enough to give it a go yet. I think you have made a fabulous job, well apart from the handles but you put that right anyway, and I love the pretty edging to the base and the little plate with the bow on top and the pretty green gems on the handles. Hope the larger bag with the Hard as Nails for the closure has worked, and hope your bookshelves work out well too. x

  3. :) Your finished bag is beautiful once your change the handles. :) I'm with you ... it can look easy on the video, but isn't in real life. I have made one of these and it went fairly smoothly, except my handles came off. I used the scortape to secure and it wasn't enough. Looking forward to seeing your bigger version. :)

    I have four billy bookcases in my studio and they are amazing! They hold so much. I'm excited for you. You'll have fun organizing once it is assembled. xx

  4. I love these cute purse card holders you did good 😀

  5. Oh, my friend, I am so sorry for all of your trials and tribulations!! But your finished bag is gorgeous!! I absolutely love it!! Practice makes perfect and I have no doubt you will master these!! Good luck with the new bookcases!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. I will took me 3 hours for my bag. The tomboy worked for everything except the pesky handles. I ended up using my adhesive gun. They finally stayed. I have use circle velcro dots for attaching closures in the past that worked well. My biggest issue was making my patterns match. Not perfect in the end, but I decided I was probably the only one who would notice. I am impressed you stuck it out! TFS your bag and your story :-) Hugs...

  7. Great job, Hazel! Looking at the proportions, it must be very difficult to do something so precise and so to look great !! It was not a disaster, just small steps to order :-) You handled yourself well,
    Have a great week, my dear Hazel,

  8. Oh Hazel, you crack me up! lol I looked at the purse and though it was a bit funny looking, but really couldn't put my finger on it. Then I keep reading and see the next photos, then had the ahha moment. lol I think you did a great job with your purse! So this size wasn't the size for the cards and envies??? I have watched some purse video's and they were. Shame, But I'm anxious to see how the big comes out! I think with the other glues you needed to wait for it to grab maybe? Like with the liquid nails? Who knows, use what works! lol Hugs, Brenda

  9. Your little purse turned out so cute! Can't wait to see the larger one. I've had my fair share of 3-D disasters. They always take patience, persistence and practice!

  10. Oh I did enjoy this post! I don't do 3D objects for the same reason (also it doesn't interest me to do all the fiddling required either!) Love to see them when other folks do them though. (took a class to make a box from a 12x12...only boxes I made were in the class!) I took heart from reading your trials, and you certainly ended up with some amazing purses too. You've more patience than I have! (also a lot of inventive ideas to fix your problems. So glad that you finally found one that worked, so all your labors paid off!) Give yourself a big pat on the back, Girl! TFS

  11. Oh my friend what a good read x Well done you on solving the challenges presented to you! Must say it is one cute bag (eventually!) LOL x When I saw the first photo I actually thought it was a clever idea so that you could skoop your bag up through the handles..... When I get stuck I shall think of you and bring out the No Nails x Enjoy filling those shelves x

  12. Oh, my, I had a good laugh at your story, Hazel!!!! And in the end you made a very pretty purse, my friend!!!! I really like the sweet dotty paper with the black!!!! I went back now to read the whole story again - the repelling magnets are hilarious!!!! Good thing you didn't give up - this is such a great way to give some cards as a gift - would love to see the bigger one!!!!


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