Monday, 24 July 2017

I Am Home . . .

. . . and I need to apologise for my tardiness on my return.  My only defence, is that I have had so very much to do!  One of the things I have had to do, which has taken me nearly a week, is editing nearly six hundred - yes, that's right, six hundred - photos and videos! of our trip!  I won't bore you with too many, but this will be a picture heavy post!  Feel free to stop at any point to get on with the rest of your lives 😁😁

Before I go on to show you a selection of photos, I would like to say a very big thank you to each and every one of you who still visited and took the time to comment, even though you knew I would be unable to reciprocate (yes, I know they have wonderful technology in the USA, but - no excuses here now - we were just so busy . . . besides, I felt that as it is our twentieth wedding anniversary, DH deserved my undivided attention eh?)

At the end, if you are still with me, I will post a card I made for a dear friend before I went away, which links to the card I posted HERE  Some of you expressed an interest in seeing the alternative design that I mentioned in that post - I will also add a comparison photo too - again, feel free to skip any or all photos that you want.  Here goes, grab a beverage and sit back!

This is where it all started twenty years ago, in this sweet little chapel (it's prettier from the ground view,) this was taken from the 'Top Of The World Restaurant' in the 'Stratosphere' where we had our anniversary meal.  This was taken with a zoom lens!  The photo at the beginning of this post is a chocolate replica of the 'Stratosphere' (I ate every scrap!)

This was part of the 360 degree view from said restaurant.  Again this was taken with a zoom lens. 

The following picture is a picture taken in the very hot and rugged 'Red Rock Canyon'.

In  contrast is the stunningly beautiful - and slightly cooler - 'Mount Charleston', where, people can - believe it or not - ski during the winter months!

You can just see the ski run in this picture!  Of course, we had to have a leisurely lunch here watching the beautiful little Hummingbirds at the restaurant.

We're city folk, it's a treat for us! Next, we visited the 'Hoover Dam', it was hot that day . . . 118F . . . but worth the excursion!

At the Hoover Dam there are two time zones.  At one end of the bridge over the dam it is Nevada time and at the other end it is Arizona time and they have two clocks showing the times!  I have pasted the two together here as I was unable to get a shot of the two,

AS we left the Hoover Dam, on  the way back to LV we stopped to take some pictures of Lake Mead.

On the drive back, this is a picture I took, to show the very diversity of the area surrounding Las Vegas, as I have met a lot  of folk who think it is all casinos, hotels and bright lights and noise.

Of course, I have to show a picture taken in LV itself, don't I?  This next one was taken in Fremont Street, which is my favourite place for people watching, this photo shows an artist, who was demonstrating his skill, by using spray paint and pieces of card that he used to control where the paint went and the pattern it made and spatulas for scraping paint off to make the most amazing pictures! Not a brush in sight!  What skill!

When we got back to dear old (wet and grey) Blighty, we had to stop off to see this little fella (and his parents of course).

How he has grown!  Well, my dear friends, finally, here is the card I promised at the start.

And this was the original one I mentioned!  

Thank you so much for sticking with me this far, and I promise I will get around to you all very soon!

You are all appreciated more than you know! 

If you have a question, please be sure I have a way to contact you so I can answer, as a lot of you are 'no-reply' bloggers, so I am unable to reply via e-mail.


  1. Wonderful photos Hazel the views look amazing, gorgeous little chap at the end there too !
    And your card is lovely :)
    Hugs Kaz xx

  2. Welcome home Hazel such amazing photos. Looks like you had an absolutely fabulous time. Will be good to catch up with you sometime soon I hope dear friend x

  3. Great pictures Hazel, thx for sharing. And be-lated happy twentieth anniversary. Seems you had a wonderful holiday. Nice to have you back. Hugs Veerle xx

  4. Sending you a hug too....Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and what new and wonderful memories you must have made x Loved the dessert in the first one and glad you enjoyed it x What a cute wee fella and what a gorgeous card x

  5. Welcome back and I'm glad you had a wonderful time!! Your photos are so gorgeous!! I was just in that area a couple of years ago and I love visiting again with your pictures!! What a wonderful shot of the hummingbird!! And wow, that street artist is amazing!! Your card is stunning!! I love the colors!! I hope you have been able to rest and relax from your trip!! I usually need a vacation after a vacation to rejuvenate ;) Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Whoever is the photographer (or both of you) deserve kudos for these stunning photos, Hazel! We have vacationed often in Nevada - not LV - but to see that glorious landscape and you captured it so well! I see Graham peeking out in that first photo, looking rather thoughtful! Your card is fabulous, too! Welcome home and hugs to you both, Darnell

  7. What great photos of your trip Hazel and glad you had such a wonderful time. That little chap is a real cutie pie and no wonder you couldn't wait to see him. The two cards, the original and the later version are both extremely pretty, two fabulous designs. x

  8. Loved seeing your photos ftom the trip. And you of course! Fingers crossed we can join you next time

  9. Welcome back! Thank you for sharing some of your photos! It looks like you had a fabulous time! I find after returning from a trip it always takes a while to find your rhythm again! Your cards are so pretty!

  10. Congrats to you and your hubby on your twentieth anniversary!! What a lovely trip back to where it all started. Gorgeous photos and so much to see. The picture of your little man steals the show, though! Precious! And gorgeous card too, Hazel. xx

  11. Love your beautiful card...the colors are so pretty. Love all your vacation pics too, looks like a fabulous trip.

  12. What a wonderful trip, my friend! You have seen more of my country than I have! And what a little sweetheart to come home to! Love both of these cards!

  13. Welcome home and I love both versions of your card. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures of your anniversary trip, its been years since I did the sights around Las Vegas and I had a bit of nostalgia.

  14. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip and safe travels home again. Your pictures were wonderful (I've been to LV three times, so have seen many of the same places). Thank you for sharing them. Your card is also wonderful. A beautiful reminder of the kind person you are.


Thank you so very much for your comments you lovely people, they really make my day! Hazel x